Marimo Love

June 21, 2016

My Marimo moss balls are the newest green addition to my home. If you don’t know what Marimos are, they are green algae found mostly in a number of lakes in the northern hemisphere,they come mostly in round shape with velvety appearance. There are many reasons to have a few in the house, I  just find them very serene to look at. 

Some information about Marimos. 

::They grow very slowly,only a few millimeters per year,but they do grow!

::More often, Marimos will sink in water. However, when Marimos perform photosynthesis, the oxygen bubbles generated by Marimo will make them float up to the surface of the water (like mine as seen above, can you see all the bubbles?) They will also roll around even when they are not floating to receive more light.

::However they only need minimal light,making them ideal for keeping in any room without direct sunlight.

::A gentle squeeze is all you need to take care of them(to release any dirt captured in your Marimo) and fresh water every few weeks. 

::Marimo does not grow dead parts as other plants, if it is healthy it will always remain round , green and velvety looking. 

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