Living room TV area sneak peak

June 13, 2016

While I am busy trying to fix my balcony (tic toc summer is not going to wait forever), I also decided that the TV area needed some love as well. I got a Bestå system from IKEA and the arrangement already looks much better than before.The Bestå systems are used quite a lot, especially from bloggers but I do not see why not invest into something basic that looks good and is on a good budget. Add a rug in front of it soon, maybe dress it up (I am thinking Superfront), hang the TV on the wall, put up a poster and some plants and you just gave your TV corner a much needed lift. Let me finish it and I will take some photos of the final result to share with everyone. If you are wondering how this used to look like, if you check  here or here then you will get an idea. I didn’t use to photograph this side of the room a lot since I just didn’t really love how it looked like. While the big trunk looked great, it just didn’t fit the arrangement,believe me I have tried to make it work for a long time without success. TO be fair it is not the trunk that was problematic, it is mostly the floor and the walls I have a problem with, both of which are out of my budget to fix right now. I resorted to buying the Bestå cabinets and I already think it has made a huge difference for such a small investment, I highly recommend it. Not to mention the storage room that it provides is a lifesaver, especially when you have as many props as myself!

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