Home office organization with 3M

June 15, 2016

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with 3M®. All opinions are my own. 

I have always been a very organized person, I find that regardless of what work you do,your efficiency grows tenfold in you keep an organized space but most importantly, an organized journal/calendar.And even though we are swarmed with technology (I keep online photos,screenshots,etc), writing on paper has always been my preferred method of keeping track of my professional but also personal life. 3M and their sticky notes have a permanent spot on my home office(taking notes,using as bookmarks etc) so I was really excited to see their news including not only new colors and shapes, but XL sizes as well. As you can see from above, the XXXL notes have taken a permanent place on the side of my Macbook. The size is perfect for keeping quick notes or ideas that come to my mind without having to use 2 or 3(or even more) of the smaller sized ones that now are only used for single notes and reminders. If you sign up to 3M newsletter here (you only need a few seconds to fill in the form) you will be send a free sample as well, I am so confident you will love them as much as I do. All sizes come in two variations, with lines or without. Personally I prefer without but in more than few occasions lined ones have also been helpful so I always keep a few stacks of each in my drawers!

//Colors of products above may vary due to editing and screen calibration.

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