Caramelized Granola

June 2, 2016

Today I decided to share a tip with you on home made caramelized granola that will change the way you see and eat granola. While granola arguably is great as an idea for breakfast, unfortunately the store bought kind is filled with sugar and other artificial flavors in order to make it tastier than when we make it on our own. I find that a teaspoon of sugar is not the worst I can eat during a whole day so I mix my own granola in a bowl, then warm a pan where I drop a teaspoon of brown sugar. Wait until it turns into liquid caramel, take off the stove and immediately stir in the granola mix I just prepared. I mix well so it forms a little lump, then I spread on non stick cooking paper and wait for it to cool completely. When it has cooled down I roughly chop it to pieces with my hands, add in a bowl with as much milk as I want and some choice fruits and enjoy my own caramelized granola. The result is mouthwatering, the granola is crunchy and flavorful while the milk after a few seconds will taste like home made caramel. It is a great combination if you have a couple of extra minutes when you get up in the morning, or you can even prepare this from the previous day and make extra batches as well. It keeps for a long time in an airtight container. Some ingredients for the granola : chia seeds, rolled oats,dried coconut,cinnamon, flax seeds,poppy seeds. I have all these in separate airtight containers in my kitchen so I mix and match different mixes every time. Try it, its so easy and so flavorful!

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