Muuto and Vifa SS16 Design News

May 15, 2016

 //Photos via Muuto | Press Kit

A little late due to my holiday break but I couldn’t not share some news that arrived in my mailbox while away. First up Muuto‘s SS16 news with an great addition to their carefully curated collection, the “Framed” mirror designed by Anderssen&Voll. It can be used on its own or even in combination with the rest of the colors and sizes of the same line, either way it will create an impressive result. I was also happy to see my favorite Stacked System also got an extra accessory. A hinged door can be added to each of the boxes, thus either creating storage space or giving an extra layer to add to the wonderful design of your system, a very welcomed addition indeed!

//Photos via Vifa | Press Kit

I also got a newsletter from Vifa about their new Bluetooth portable speaker Oslo. Continuing the tradition of naming this line after Nordic capitals I fell in love with Oslo at first sight. Simple yet powerful design, comes in many colors guaranteed to fit your lifestyle. The market is so saturated with portable speakers in our days, but Oslo promises and delivers full sound in full design in a way that it will be hard to resist even if you already own a Bluetooth speaker.

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