May finds

May 13, 2016

It is almost mid May and I think I am late for my finds for this month but they are worth it. 

Starting with 1. I just discovered a brand called Aiaλu , I love their soft toned fabrics but also support their ideology.Everything is carefully crafted at its origin, where the expertise to handle it, is the greatest. What is not to love? Pictured above Helen, a hand knitted clutch and Hollie Natural, a hand knitted throw from their carefully curated collection.

Moving to 2. this springs news from Kähler, two new dinnerware collections that have already won multiple awards for their design. From left to right the all white Kaolin collection and their ceramic Ombria collection coming in four natural colors. I really like the Ombria mugs and bowls, I expect to see more pieces added to this beautiful collection soon.

Last but not least, at number 3. one of my favorite brands for their minimalistic design Muji. This spring the brand introduced a cleaning system that is both incredibly useful while retaining the signature Muji look. The system includes a lint roller, duster, brush or mop, and many more for all the housekeeping essentials all easily swapped and then attached to a lightweight telescopic pole. Sign me in. While at the store don’t forget to check my favorites from their storage line and their kitchen accessories.

//Photos by Aiaλu | Kähler | Muji

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