Fresh washed linen sheets

May 14, 2016

Love the smell of freshly washed linen sheets and chocolate. It is no wonder they are so often paired together in hotels. These specific sheets from H&M were in one of my previous curated wishlists here, while the weaved basket can be found here. Looking back at my monthly wishlists there are some (though admittedly very few) things that I haven’t ended up buying due to budget, so I am planning to revisit some soon and make amends. It is quite hard to stay within budget every month, especially when unexpected things pop up that I should do instead,such as, travelling for interior design shows or similar. Speaking of which, I am still debating if I should attend the 3 days of Design in Copenhagen at the end of the month, I do hope I will be able to however. Another expense that has been a long time coming is a new camera (the one I use is a very old entry level DSLR), but I am still on the fence on which brand and then which accessories. I have a NikonD40x right now and I think I should keep with the same company due to already having a great lens for it, but I might also just sell this possibly and go for a Canon instead. Before June starts however I will have made up my mind but if you have any recommendations I would be happy to hear your thoughts!

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