Travelling Light : What is in my in flight bag

April 5, 2016

Tomorrow I am flying to Stavanger to celebrate Møbelgalleriet 30 years of Anniversary. I am really looking forward to meeting with everyone and having what is promising to be an amazing afternoon with co hosts Vipp, By Lassen, Louis Poulsen and Fredericia. I am packing light since I am only spending one night, so a simple in flight cabin luggage will do.

My bag essentials for a short stay include some cotton pads to remove my make up at night, a lip balm (just got the Kiyoko lip balm and can’t wait to try it, the size is flight perfect), Aesop samples with hydrating cream, serum, eye cream and lotion, my favorite perfume, a hand cream (my palms get so dry), earphones, an iphone power bank,wallet and somewhere in the bag you will also find my Dior mascara and an Aesop rinse free lotion. Half of these will be in my handbag, while the rest will fit in my luggage along with my iPad along with an extra pair of clothes and a hair straightener. I almost prefer travelling without wearing make up but I cannot travel with bad hair.

If you want to see snippets of the day I will be taking lots of snaps so feel free to find me there! User : katerina.dima 

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