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March 27, 2016

Hello everyone! With Instagram changing how they filter our feed without giving us an option (posts will no longer be chronological but based on a hidden algorithm) , I am fighting back by following all my favorite Instagramers blogs that I hadn’t been following already. One of the easiest ways to do that is with Bloglovin since it is the best feeder for blogs! I have already installed it on my phone and tablet, this way I can’t miss any posts. Have you tried it? When you open the app there is a number next to any blog you follow to indicate how many posts you haven’t read, and if you want, you can directly visit the feed as seen in the photo above and it will show you all my posts.  It is so easy to use either on your PC or tablet, I promise you will love it! It is like a newspaper but for blogs and without any ads :)

You can find my blog there as well by clicking here or you can use the widget below. If you love my photos and posts I would be so happy if you followed me, so see you over there! :)


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