Fine Ting styling by Elisabeth Heier

March 1, 2016

// Styling : Elisabeth Heier Photos : Elisabeth Heier

I am sure you do not need an introduction to Elisabeth Heier, her beautiful Scandinavian house and her unique style in photography is well known, however did you know she is also a very inspiring stylist? Just a few days ago she revealed a styling she did for the store Fine Ting in Oslo, and I think the final body of work speaks for itself. Beautiful well curated details attract the eye surrounded by minimal colors, concrete flooring and simple iron tables. This way the environment is friendly yet feels luxurious while at the same time nothing takes away from the merchandise that fits seamlessly as part of the styling. ( Don’t you just want to prop your Aesop bottles on your windowsill now as well?) I spot &Tradition Mass light pendants in brass on the windows and above the changing rooms that fit perfectly withe the Brass pendant from Anour above the register and Tati Mirrors from Asplund. The herringbone detail that adorns the register is a detail not missed at all, absolutely beautifully meshing with the rest of the minimalistic slightly industrial styling.

Bravo Elisabeth for a stunning styling and a beautiful presentation, looking forward to more!

You can follow Elisabeth for everyday updates on her Instagram as well.

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

3 comments on “Fine Ting styling by Elisabeth Heier”

  • Elisabeth says:

    How nice of you to share Katerina, and thank you so much for your comments about my work! So humble and happy.. Thank you again! /Elisabeth

  • Uouo Uo says:

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  • Kasia My Full House says:

    I love Elisabeth pictures and styling. This store is beautiful!

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