Quick Brunch , Yogurt and Granola with Chia and Quinoa

March 14, 2016

Quick brunch today with some Greek yogurt and a new type of granola I found at Menu with Chia and Quinoa. I automatically throw the package and use an airtight container for my granola so I don’t remember the brand , but I am sure if you walk into any Menu you will find it easily over at the Cereal isle. Both Chia and Quinoa are superfoods that I am trying to incorporate more into my everyday meal planning, so adding it quickly in my breakfast of brunch bowl is great. Add some fruits in and you have a delicious snack and a great instagram photo opportunity 🙂
Last few weeks I have been working quite a lot everyday, so I have been having my lunches on the fly usually with my macbook and notebooks on the side. Sometimes I cannot decide if I should be shooting the perfect environment ( I could certainly remove anything that is not related to breakfast and shoot by the window), however this is where I had my lunch today and I thought giving a glimpse into my everyday life is something I would rather share and not hide. I know a lot of bloggers are on the fence about this but I love seeing candid shots! 

//Photos and styling by Katerina Dima for Only Deco Love

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