Thoughts on Blog VS Instagram

February 15, 2016

Lately I have seen many bloggers quitting their blogs, time constraints mostly and not being able to keep up with a full time job and the blog upkeeping. It is really hard I am not going to lie, posting on Instagram daily is hard on its own, but making a blogpost is even more time consuming. If you are not getting paid to blog then it is really hard to excuse at least 3 hours daily for a blogpost especially when you have to style, shoot,edit the photos then write the post in question. If I wasn’t in this world I wouldn’t have guessed how much of a time sink blogging is, and it is not only time consuming but quite tiring as well. For example when I shoot upstairs the whole living room has to be turned upside down to accommodate things that wouldn’t necessarily be where they seem in the photo. Then I have to organise everything back to their respective places, hide them back in storage, vacuum and clean after all the mess I created. When I said a blogpost takes 3 hours I did not actually include cleaning time. Of course all photos need to be taken during the day, when there is sufficient natural light, which is another obstacle on its own. I am sad to see some of my favourite bloggers quit, but I completely understand how blogging is mostly a labor of love, there is little money for most bloggers and even less recognition. Unless you are part of a big network, blogging is a thankless job. On instagram you get so much more interaction than when you blog, it is easier to speak to someone too and exchange opinions. However for me, there is nothing better than just browsing through my blog feed and seeing inspirational content from my favourite bloggers in big beautiful photos. Even when someone posts the same photo on instagram and on their blog, I get so much more satisfaction when I see it in the biggest format that I can. All the photos today in this blogpost I also posted on my instagram yesterday and today, but I have to ask, don’t you also enjoy them more in a bigger format? Maybe it is just me, but exactly because I love big photos, I am not going anywhere soon. I cannot speak for the future but for now, this is one of my favourite places to post! 

//Photos and styling by Katerina Dima for Only Deco Love

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4 comments on “Thoughts on Blog VS Instagram”

  • Anonymous says:

    I couldn't agree more. It really is a labour and as much as I love instagram there is nothing like seeing the images large format and reading blog posts. Glad you're not stopping any time soon :)Olivia Nicole

  • Chalotte Kamp Kruse says:

    Its a difficult topic. I think that Instagram and blogs are to different things. You can't really get tips and long descriptions of things on Instagram. I love both and use both myself, but I would never stop reading blog posts, because of Instagram. You can only get visual inspiration on Insta, and on blogs you can get so much more. But I differently get your point and it is hard to find the time to blog and post beautiful pictures on Insta, I also have my own blog, and I always have something to de because of it. As well as you said, I also like to see the pictures in a bigger format, because you will see more details, so for me it is not a problem that you post some of the same pictures on Insta and on your blog. I really like your stylings and they are a big inspiration for me. 🙂

  • Daniela says:

    Thank you,great Blog ♡

  • Daniela says:

    Thank you,great Blog ♡

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