Instagram Moments

February 23, 2016

Some random moments from my Instagram account. I take quite a few photos daily that do not make it into my blog, so I thought I should create a category to sometimes share them with you in bigger format. Some might not be perfect, but there is charm in their imperfection and I love them for that. Tomorrow I am flying to Copenhagen for a Design Letters event, can’t wait to share the news and photos when I come back! It is a one day short trip then back to Norway but since the airport is so much closer to the summer house we will be staying there for a night or two as well. Always great to change it up a little bit right? Feel free to follow me either on Snapchat ( username katerina.dima ) or Instagram for candid real time updates. Got to run if I want to make it on time, lets hope I make all my connecting flights! (Always a stress factor when I am flying!) 

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