//Styling and Photos by Katerina Dima

I am sure you have noticed the blog has changed its design as of today. I designed the first two versions (the second being the latest one) and I have long been wanting to give it over to a professional. I am using the theme Onno , one of the latest themes from Blog Milk Shop although I just installed it today and while I have spend about 5 hours I am not nearly done yet. I need more tweeks on the theme and I have some ideas but I think the final version is a few more days away. However for now the blog is fully functional although in a very minimal form, but hey! Thats how we love things right? It is funny how many hours something like this can take and I am absolutely exhausted from taking notes, designing, testing and back again. I am sure you are going to love the final result though so keep an eye for the final unveiling! 

As for now I need to go to sleep and wake up early tomorrow for some styling and photo sessions, I have so many exciting collaborations to share with you soon!

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.



  1. Kasia My Full House
    February 12, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    Hello Katerina,What a surprise! Lovely!! Can't wait till you're 100% done but it already looks very very nice! I'll have to get used to it though, but hey – we all need changes, don't we? And your changes just made me double sure about mine ;)xo

  2. smuug
    February 21, 2016 / 5:32 am

    The only thing is that I can't see your post titles, which makes it very hard to look around.

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