Winter Wonderland

January 25, 2016

A slightly different post today, but I really wanted to share with you the winter wonderland I live in. Last few days snow has covered the land, everything is white and peaceful. The stillness of the landscape is only disrupted by the occasional falling snow, which in turn gives me the feeling I live in a real life snow globe. I went for a run today where I captured the photo above with my phone no less.  Further out the waters are all but frozen, soon we will be able to ice skate on them. In the afternoon snow started to fall again softly, I couldn’t help but light a candle and place it on the baluster ( my kubus fits perfectly ) , make myself a hot chocolate and watch the snow fall as I listened to Dido. Norway is such a magical place to be during winter, I feel like I have  a love affair with its snowy landscapes. If you feel like visiting, every season is amazing, but winter is definitely my favourite!

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