Travel Diaries : Revisiting Hotel Olena ( Clarion Collection ) in Bergen

January 14, 2016

//Accommodation was provided by Clarion Collection Oleana.

When I travel I love revisiting places I have been before just as much as discovering new. I am sure many of you experience this for example with restaurants, how many times do we go to a restaurant wanting to try something new but end up getting what we had the previous time because it was just that good? With Oleana Hotel I get the same feeling, it is just one of those times I want to order exactly what I had last time in double portion. Before scrolling down this post feel free to also check my last post about Clarion Collection Hotel Oleana in Bergen for more photos and for more thoughts about my stay there.

My favorite room at Oleana Hotel has a magnificent view of Bergen. Every detail is picked carefully, from the tiles of the bathroom to the comfortable armchairs, although my absolute favorite place to be is in the great bathtub with a glass of wine watching the sun set over the city. I highly recommend buying bath bombs if you stay at Oleana, Galleriet one of the biggest malls, is only 5 minutes away with a huge selection. 

While at Oleana make sure you take advantage of the many amenities and luxurious spaces where you can relax in between your outings. Here in the ground floor just beside the living room with the beautiful fireplace you can eat breakfast in the morning, have waffles for a snack during the afternoon and eat dinner at night. A complimentary light evening meal of soup, a healthy salad buffet, main course and dessert is prepared everyday. I love that the atmosphere is relaxed during this time, you can serve yourself and enjoy some quiet time while eating, then take your coffee at the lounge by the fireplace. Here I spend many afternoons with my Macbook while I make plans for later as I watch the sun set over beautiful Bergen.

Bergen is one of the most beautiful cities in Norway, and regardless of when you wish to visit, be it winter or summer, there is a plethora of things to do and see. If you are somewhere close around Scandinavia it is worth coming on a weekend for a two nights stay to enjoy everything the city has to offer. However you might want to bring your umbrella, nature loves Bergen so much it rains a lot to keep it as clean as possible 🙂

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