Spring News from By Lassen

January 23, 2016

Every season my mailbox  explodes with news from my favorite brands, I am always excited when I open them, it is great to see how trends are formed and evolve at the same time depending on the season! Today I am more than happy to present you with some of my favorite pieces of the By Lassen Spring news. Are you ready? 

If you read my blog you already know how much I love the Kubus Candleholders from By Lassen, and now for spring they are also available in a Nikel-plated version! I loved the brass version for the winter and this is no exception, I would love to have a pair of these as well.

What is spring without flowers and greens? I was more than happy to find out that By Lassen just launched their first line of pots and they look amazing! I love how the curves meet with a strict line, minimalism meets with earthy materials and the result is truly stunning. The Rimm flowerpots come in 3 colors and various sizes, it will be hard for me to pick my favorite.

The most anticipated item for me was one I was lucky enough to see in an early preview and I am so happy I can finally share it with you today. The Twin bookcase is so elegant, I think for now it is my favorite piece of the whole By Lassen line of products. It will not be long before you will see it in almost every house and apartment for sale, just mark my words. It comes in various sizes and in two colors, it is a timeless piece of furniture that will become a classic.

//All photos sourced from By Lassen Press stock.

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