Sense of Scandinavia

January 10, 2016

A little while ago you might remember I took over Skandinavisk Instagram account for a few days, showing what sense of Scandinavia is to me. I think being a foreigner in Norway is giving me quite a different sense than someone who was born and raised here, both experiences so unique in their own way. From beautiful all white winters, to blooming green springs, the summers being so bright and the autumns being showered in yellow light, it feels as if Scandinavia is trying to not only tickle your senses, but blow them away completely. 

There is nothing I do not love with passion here. Those chilly summer afternoons? Please pass me the blanket and coffee while I watch the sun go down. Want something to do during the day? How about paddle your hours away in a kayak in the fjords. Is the snow falling? Great! Take your skis out for a stroll. Feeling restless? Pack a few drinks and snacks and head for a hike in one of thousands trails in the beautiful woods overseeing the waters. The colours are always exuberant, whatever the season, and the views will never ever let you down no matter what part of the country you travel. These are just a few ways I enjoy my time in Scandinavia, and I am not even including the cities that are the centre of design and the “It” place to be if you are in any way into design or architecture. The people in Scandinavia seem always to be joyful and welcoming, maybe it is the cold that makes people come together, maybe it is just in their disposition to love life. All of that makes for a special feel that lingers even if you only visit any part of Scandinavia for a short vacation.

I am happy to share today the new catalog for 2016 from Skandinavisk and their first feature film which you can watch below. It captures perfectly the sense of Scandinavia from my point of view as well, enjoy!

//All images and video are kindly sourced from Skandinavisk.

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