On my Office Desk

January 25, 2016

// Sponsored post in collaboration with Ogon.I was provided with a card wallet. All opinions are my own.

We often surround ourselves with such a strange assortment of things when it comes to what we choose to have on our office desk. I always try to declutter as often as possible and yet I somehow find myself in an inevitable mess of my own creation. At least this time I managed to colour coordinate so it doesn’t look as bad as it could have. Getting an Apple keyboard and mouse has been the best decision as of late ( although I just got mine before the new models came out), their design is minimalistic and they complement my office space. 

What are my office desk essentials? Besides from the Apple products, keyboard and mouse, my iPhone is always present. I just got the new 6s in golden hue, and while initially I didn’t like the bigger size of the screen, as soon as I opened the Instagram app I was sold. The photos look even better and it is a delight to scroll. I keep changing cases but I always come to my favourite marble one from Richmond&Finch as seen above. I keep myself hydrated with a BKR bottle (mine is in colour Pout) and more often than not a cup of something to drink, coffee, chocolate,tea and my recent favourite warm water with lemon! If you haven’t tried it I strongly recommend it. I am a watch addict so there will always be watches around me since I like changing them a lot, on my desk today the Grace Glasgow from DW although this specific model does not exist anymore. Helping me get organised is my Kubus bowl from By Lassen, it fits everything that would otherwise be lying around with elegance. In it : Rayban sunglasses ( again I am sorry this model does not exist anymore ), earphones from Sudio Sweden ( Vasa model with rose gold details), a couple of pencils from Design Letters, A scissors from Hay and my favourite perfume from Le Labo Santal 33. I know it is weird to have that on the office desk, but I love splashing a tiny bit on my wrists and neck during the day! Last but not least, I was recently send an aluminium card wallet by Ögon Designs and I love how it matches the colours of everything on my desk. I managed to fit all my cards inside and some notes and since I am also addicted to shopping, this is something that you will always find on my desk. Who said shopping has to be our cardio? 🙂

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  • MarinaSays says:

    I feel so uncool looking at this! :)) All of these colors and things together is the epitome of blogger chic right now :Dwww.MarinaSays.com

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