Winter Wonderland

December 10, 2015

There is magic in the snow to me, maybe because I grew up in Greece and in Athens I had only seen it snow twice in my whole life. And by snow I mean just a few flakes in the sky that melted as soon as they hit the ground. The shot above is just a photo taken with my iPhone from inside the car while driving to do some shopping. Here we are really hoping for a completely white Christmas, there is nothing I’d love more than to cuddle up in the house with family and loved ones watching movies while outside is snowing. However if snow wont come to us, fortunately where we live it is easy to go to it instead. Next week I m planning for a small trip with the car on the hunt for beautiful white sceneries and finally a Christmas tree (maybe some skiing too?)! I wanted it up from the beginning of December but since I have been travelling it was not possible. So lets see if I can get myself one this weekend! This will be the first year in Norway that I am decorating a tree and I am so excited! I have already bought some ornaments although I will not be filling it up. For now I will trend to the minimalistic side of decorating, especially since I am expecting soon in the mail some amazing porcelain balls that I will love accentuating. I will not spoil the surprise however so you can see for yourselves in the coming days :)

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