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December 9, 2015

Travel and accommodation was sponsored by & Tradition and Normann Copenhagen.

A few days ago I and 7 other amazing ladies from Norway were invited to Copenhagen by & Tradition and Normann Copenhagen, to visit their headquarters and showrooms. We had an amazing time and I cannot thank enough everyone involved.I just got home from travelling however so I will talk more about both days we spend there separately in other posts, but today I got in my mail the results of our styling assignment in the & Tradition Head Quarters and I knew this should be my first post!  Above you can see my styling with the Fly table in black marble, the Hoof stool in black, the Milk lamp on the left, the new True color vases on the stairs and the Cloud two Seater Sofa. Scroll below for more styling from the rest of the fine ladies I was accompanied!

Lovely Elisabeth from Elisabeth Heier blog and Edina from Nordic Leaves , styled the Fly Sofa, chair and table to perfection. I loved that they used the architecture of the showroom to their advantage, the play between the composition and depth of field make for a stunning result.

Solveig from NiB created an amazing space by using old and new elements from the & Tradition catalog. It is the only composition shot from an angle, I love how this accentuates and the Cloud Three Seater Sofa! Beautifully done Solveig!

Beautiful Nina from Stylizimo and Therese from ThereseKnutsen.no worked at the front of the house and created a dining area using the In Between Table and chairs. The steel door was used as part of the styling and I think it really adds to the perspective!

Last but not least two of my favorite ladies, Linda from Hviit and Henriette from Designlykke created one of my favorite stylings for the day using the Mayor sofa. They improvised a lot with the props  (they hanged the light from the stairs) while I could see Linda carrying the mirror from the bathrooms to bring to the shoot. If that is not creativity and quick thinking I dont know what is 🙂 Bravo ladies! 

Stay tuned for my own photos from the trip and the surprise visit to Bergen afterwards!

//Photos by © Andreas Mikkel Hansen

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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