Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2015

//Photos and styling by Katerina Dima

Our very first Christmas tree is proudly standing in the living room with a few ornaments and lights ready to spread the holiday cheer. Since this is our first year decorating the house I only bought was I thought was necessary , few Lyngby spruces , some Bloomingville diamonds and porcelain snow flakes in various sizes. Next year I will add a few select ornaments again , it will be great to have a collection to choose from eventually. It was really fun putting everything up (my boyfriend and our Milo together), it is a tradition I am planning to repeat every year!

The rest of the house, as our tree, is decorated very subtle and minimalistic, mostly with natural tones,twigs and flowers and few key decorating stars lights and candles. I am digging the result, it feels very festive and light, I will have a hard time removing the holiday additions come New year. For now I will enjoy every part of it however, I hope you are going to have a great holiday as well with your loved ones and your friends!


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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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