Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

December 18, 2015

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This time of the year I love nothing more than to check for inspiration for gift wrapping Christmas presents. Pinterest ( click here for my Xmas Board) and bloggers I follow are my main source for ideas and in the post today you can see few of my favorites. The last photo is a gift wrapping I did a few days ago, you can see more in this post! I have yet to decide on color for the paper or even twine, I was thinking though that maybe fabric and a black big ribbon would also look great. Have you decided how to decorate your Christmas presents? If you have ideas to share with me feel free to write a message and as always you are welcome to drop and say hi on my Instagram. You can get many sneak peeks of my holidays there and my home decorations and a peak of Milo destroying everything I build 🙂 Talk to everyone soon!

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