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November 3, 2015

Korbo has launched their popular baskets, the Classic 35 and the Bin 18, in copper and brass. These new materials complement their standard collection of baskets in galvanized and acid proof stainless steel and they are a beauty to have in any corner or countertop of the house. I will be definitely getting one in brass for the new bedroom for extra storage space, it will fit right in and I have been looking for a basket in such a color and material combination. Another tip for you is to use one for your Christmas tree, just pop the tree into a burlap sack and then place it in one of these baskets! I haven’t decided how to prop my tree this year but I love the idea of it sitting in a brass basket. Let me know if you try it!

// Images used with permission from Corbo. Fotos by Daniela Ferro/Styling by Sarah Widman

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