Early Christmas Gift ideas

November 7, 2015

1| Kubus4 and Kubus Bowl  2| String Lights  3| Hoof Table  4|Knit Pillows and Blanket 5|Lader L&J Watch 6| Le Labo Perfume 7|Bed Linen  8|Candle Set

While we do have quite a long time to go until New Year and all the festivities, I think a Christmas list is in order for those that want to start early with their gifts! Some of my favorites can be seen above and quite a few of them will be on my personal list this year :) I will be making more lists as time goes by, so do check back for more ideas as time for Christmas grows near! Regardless you can use this list as birthday present ideas or even to pumper yourselves for achieving a personal goal ( I usually buy something from my list when a goal is met), or just because when buying something small it can lift your spirits! Personal favorites as seen above are the Le Labo perfumes ( I have the Santal 33 and I love it as seen from my previous post), the Skandinavisk candles (I love the limited Christmas mini box they just launched!), the Lader Larsson and Jennings watch ( mine as seen here has a black leather strap, I wear it everyday). I have a weakness for linen sheets and knitted pillows, and I am definitely getting some now that I am so close to moving to our newly renovated bedroom! And having the new brass bowl and candleholders byLassen on the shelf we just build would be amazing :) 

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