By Lassen Kubus line

October 29, 2015

// In collaboration with byLassen.I was provided with the grey Kubus Bowl. All opinions are my own.

Photos and Styling by : Katerina Dima

By Lassen is one of the brands that Scandinavian people cant get enough of and for good reason. Some of my favourite pieces from by Lassen come from the Kubus series.  The beautiful and sleek candleholders (Kubus4 in black as seen above) and the Kubus bowl (in grey size small on my table) make for a perfect pair and you will often see them paired together in my home. Since winter is right around the corner , the days have become so much shorter and candles are a must in our house. Not just for the extra light but for the cozy feeling they give out! The Kubus4 is perfect since it holds 4 long candles and it is also so easy to move! Secretly I cant wait till the bedroom is done and I can prop it near the bed for those extra cuddly nights around the holidays!

 In collaboration with by Lassen

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

One comment on “By Lassen Kubus line”

  • Har en drøm says:

    In love ♡Jeg elsker ByLassen og har både Kubus4, Kubus Bowl liten, Kubus Bowl stor og Kubus Line i hvitt, nå står litt messing for tur på ønskelisten :))

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