Winter is just around the corner..

September 30, 2015

Photos and styling by : Katerina Dima

Some photos and stills from my house. I love this time of year, summer ends and winter is just around the corner. First thing I do is light as many candles as possible. I have many candleholders but one of my favorites is the kubus 4 in black from by Lassen as seen in the first photo in my living room. Sleek and stylish it delivers so much light even during the night.
I have so many ideas for this winter but for now I am looking back and keeping notes of what I would love to add to the house and what just clutters my space. I am thinking of adding shelves to the living room and above the office desk, I think for now it is the perfect solution for adding space without creating too much distractions to the eye. I would also love to change the floors but for now the ones I have will have to do. Maybe a project for later? 🙂

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

One comment on “Winter is just around the corner..”

  • Har en drøm says:

    Nydelige bilder♡Jeg elsker høst, og jeg gleder meg til vinter – er veldig glad i alle våre herlige årstider:))Ha en fin kveld 🙂

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