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September 30, 2015

 Sponsored content in collaboration with Philips Nordics . I was provided with 4 toothbrushes for review and photos.. All opinions are my own. 

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to receive the Philips new Sonicare Diamond Clean toothbrushes. The models I am using are the White the Black Diamond Clean Whiten Teeth. I was immediately captivated by the fact they use sonic technology to brush rather than spinning  or rotating movement of the head. When it comes to teeth care, their many programs ( Clean,Polish,Whiten,Gum Care,Sensitive) make sure that I have a cycle that will cover all my needs depending on how I want to care for my teeth, while the automatic sensor will let me know when I need to change sides or when the cycle is over. I have always suffered from mild bleeding with other toothbrushes but this hasn’t occurred while I have been using my Diamond Clean since I only need to touch my teeth with the brush and the diamond shaped bristles with sonic technology will do the rest.

While effectively cleaning my teeth is my primary concern when it comes to toothbrushes, design is also quite important to me. The sleek and minimalistic design of the Philips  Diamond Clean is impeccable, there are no spare parts showing other than the touch button to change between cleaning programs. The handle will light up with the various choices as long as it is operating and slowly fade away after a few seconds of any program cycle finishing. The battery will hold for approximately 3 weeks depending on the use and when you need to recharge it you simply need to place the toothbrush in the glass provided that is its charging station. I have to admit I found that incredibly useful and it looks great on my bathroom shelf as well.

Another major plus for me is that each toothbrush comes in its own carrying travel case. While this is something I appreciate as I like keeping my toothbrush separated from my cosmetics what sets this apart is that the case itself serves as a charging station.There are different cables that allow you to charge from either directly from a wall socket but also from any USB from your PC.If you are leaving for more than 3 weeks holidays this will be incredibly useful.Not to mention, it does this in impeccable style.I do not know for what more to ask of my toothbrush.

Photos and Styling by : Katerina Dima

Last but not least, if you live in the Nordics, Philips is teaming up with SB12  for a powerful toothpaste with strong mint aroma and L’Occitane with a delicate aromatic candle to bring you a complete package of bathroom care.I always light up a candle when I start my morning routine in the bathroom, it provides with a soothing feeling that makes for a perfect start of the day!

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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