August 23, 2015

While earlier this summer I visited Greece,this August we decided to spend our time in Norway. There are so many beautiful places to visit and see,the views are breathtaking!We spend most our August at the summer house, mostly enjoying the sun and the great weather locally. You can kayak just in front of the house, the water is as clear as a mirror. There are also great routes for hiking near by, as well as places to visit by car. The 3 photos are from the summer house, while kayaking, sitting and enjoying the sun and on a short hike around the house on the occasional rainy day. We then spend some days in Bergen as well, and although I took the new compact sony camera with me everywhere I just almost never used it. The reason? I just snapchatted all the time instead! In the beginning I tried taking the camera with me (I even took it kayaking as seen in the first photo above), but then I felt quite weird taking the same photo twice, once with my phone for snapcat and then the second time with my actual camera. I didn’t even realize how little I used my camera until it came down to making this post and saw I had so few photos to show for it!How little? Only the first photo is taken with my cam, the other 3 are from my iPhone. This is something I definitely need to get better at,organizing my time in a way that I can do both. In my defense snapchat is so fun, you can find me by searching “katerina.dima” within the app if you like! 

I hope everyone has had a lovely summer so far (for some it has yet to be over I know) and while I would love for it to continue, I not so secretly already looking forward to winter and snow 🙂

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