Skandinavisk : Automn Winter 2015

July 17, 2015

Skandinavisk released their AW 2015 catalog and I am happy to finally be able to announce I am part of it! One of my photos of the SKOG candle (as seen in this blogpost although I styled and re shot the photos so they could fit better in the catalog) can be seen at the end of the booklet along with other beautifuly styled photos of Skandinavisk candles (all the photos on this blogpost can also be found in high resolution at the Skandinavisk online image bank). While the candles are a dream to style on their own, it is the reason why you can see them in almost every scandinavian home, their scent is what puts them apart from any other in my opinion. Few of my favorites as seen above are the HAV (translated OCEAN) smells exactly like vacations by the sea, the morning freshness just before you dive in for your first swim. The SKOG(translated FOREST) smells like a hike in Norwegian fjords, under the misty trees where the sun barely peaks through the leaves. The KOTO (translated HOME) mixes delicate amber with exotic jasmine, mandarin and vanilla, an unforgettable scent so distinguishable from any other vanilla candle, it just smells like home. If you are like me and you love every room to smell fresh and have a special aromatic tone, then I also suggest a diffuser (the scent is stronger the more sticks you submerge in it, I always use one or two at most). My choice this time NAT (translated night) has a delicate sense of a romantic aroma, to me it smells like a seductive perfume, it is perfect to just leave in your bedroom, and it lasts for months. I love having candles around, especially in the bathroom when I step in the morning the first thing I do is light HYGGE(translated COZINESS). It fills the air with a subtle scent immediately and lets me easily find my way into my morning routine (you can read about it here). 

And before I forget, if you like the beechwood lids as seen above, for a limited time you can also get one for free with any order of a 190gr candle(1 per candle). I reuse the glass from my candles when they are burned out and a the lid is perfect for making them into containers as well.

Whether you are a candle lover or not, you simply will not be able to resist the beautiful aromas the Skandinavisk candles mete out. I fell in love on the spot.

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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