Nikon D40x VS Sony DSC-WX500 : Side by Side Comparison

July 26, 2015

Yesterday I posted about my new Sony DSC-WX500 camera. It is a little miracle of a light duty camera as it can actually achieve quite a lot, mostly because you can adjust aperture, shutter speed ,exposure and many more. While I really like the quality of its photos and I will be definitely be carrying it around everywhere with me, I wanted to put it to the test, and see how it would fair in the same conditions as my trusty DSLR. Today the day started cloudy and dark, perfect conditions to stress the limits of any camera. All the photos above are taken with my old DSLR and all the photos below are taken with the new compact Sony. Shall we?

I used exactly the same editing methods for both sets of photos and I tried to achieve the same angles. You can click here, here and here for a direct comparison of the most similar shots. Overall I am very happy with the results. When it comes to handing the camera, the Sony took well to the conditions and if I had a tripod I could have achieved much better results in even worse lighting. That’s great if you think you can’t always achieve the best conditions especially when travelling. The biggest difference between these two cameras is really the POV and the fact you cannot perfectly control Sony’s zoom and depth of field in such a confined space. As you can see from the photos above, all the DSLR photos are smooth and have a decent background blurring(my lens is not the best for macro shots) whereas it is almost non existent in the Sony’s resulting photos. The POV is another issue I located, as in it was very difficult to achieve the same angles with both cameras no matter how much I moved around. I much prefer the flexibility of the DSLR manual zoom and the perspective it creates. Having said that, if I don’t want to bring my heavy duty camera with me, I will be perfectly happy with the Sony and its resulting photos. You can check the side by side comparisons and decide for yourselves! From now on I will be putting a small disclaimer underneath the blogpost that will contain exclusively photos shot with the Sony so you can have an even better idea of how the photos look! Let me know in the comments below which set of photos were your favorite and whether you would also sometimes carry a smaller camera with you instead of your DSLR!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Wow You photos are amazing!! I am just in the process of buying a new camera and stumbled across your website/blog. Thanks for your insight into the Sony camera. Hopefully I will be able to take some decent photos. Im an Aussie living here in Oaxaca Mexico so I will try and shoot the surf, scenery and people here. It is a nice idea to shoot photos of the local food but usually I am too hungry to do that…….pablomanly

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