My new Sony DSC-WX500 camera and a review

July 24, 2015

// Sponsored content in collaboration with Sony. I was provided with the Sony Camera for a review. All opinions are my own.

I have wanted to get a small camera for a long time. It needed to be easy to carry around in my small bag, capable enough for my everyday needs when I don’t want to lag my big and heavy DSLR around and last but not least to look if possible stylish but I was willing to compromise for just nice enough if the price was worth it. I was lucky to receive yesterday the DSC-WX500 camera from Sony and it immediately ticked all my boxes when it came to my needs and then some. There are many reviews on the internet about this camera, very detailed and very technical so I feel I can bypass the technical details and instead cover only cover the basics and what I feel is important when it comes to my needs.

The camera comes in 3 colors (black white and red) and my choice was white. Sony really focused on design when it comes to these series and the result is great. The camera looks absolutely beautiful, it is easy to hold and light, while it still small enough to fit into the smallest of bags. The resolution of the photos is 18.2MP and the lens is capable for 30x zoom, which is quite impressive. While the lowest -f- it can reach is 3.5 (the lowest the f the more nicely blurry the objects behind your focus are) the camera still handles depth of field beautifully due to its many programs and automatic enhancements. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that other than its many automatic programs, it also comes with manual and semi manual programs, which give you almost as much flexibility as a DSLR camera. Of course the capabilities of the sensor are limited however there is a lot you can do to manually alter aperture or shutter speed to fill almost any of your needs. In addition in almost any program you can alter exposure (very useful as in my DSLR this is almost permanately on +7 when I shoot inside in a cloudy day),color,saturation, warmth, vividness,metering,flash ,focus area,ISO and white balance.

There are also many digital enhancements that are a welcome addition such as , auto object framing, multi face recognition,smile recognition,picture effects that include many preset filters and finally a smooth skin enhancement that is perfect for portraits or close macros.Speaking of enhancements I have been loving the new setting called Superior Auto Mode, which takes a multiple series of shots and merges them for a final result.You have to try it out and see how beautiful the results really are, crisp and smooth lines that is almost impossible to replicate in rough natural settings such as night shots or dark rooms.

 The video that you can shoot is full HD and here is a nice trick that I will be using a lot. The display on the back flips completely up so you can see yourself while you are shooting. It is perfect for taking photos from weird angles and also for shooting vlogs!

My Conclusion 

This camera is perfect for a second budget light duty camera for serious bloggers that already own a DSLR (entry level or above) and want an alternative for when they are out and about. If you are wondering if you should buy an entry level DSLR or this camera I would suggest you get the DSLR instead or Sony RX100 mark II and above. If the RX was out when I got my entry level DSLR 10 years ago I would have preferred the RX which is an amazing camera that can completely replace an entry level pro camera. The DSC-WX500 is also perfect for any amateur photographer that wants to capture moments and also have a level of control on the settings. You don’t need any knowledge to handle this camera however so even if you have only used your phones camera so far don’t worry, you will do just fine! The camera is very intuitive and really easy to learn! 

This petite but wondrous camera will go everywhere with me when in vacation or anywhere else. I don’t see why not always carry this with me, even when I just go for shopping.The quality of the photos and level of control of the settings is quite remarkable for such a small light duty camera,it will be the perfect replacement for my DSLR when I don’t want to carry it around. I have already been trying it at home and I am so pleased with the results! Stay tuned as my next post will be with photos exclusively taken with my new little gem. 

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