Good Hood Store : Love for Scandinavian Design in London

July 17, 2015

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Images via : Good Hood Store

Recently a London based store came to my attention. Good Hood Store is an award winning multi brand retailer stocking all the brands that I personally love when it comes to interior. While you can find many brands for menswear and womenswear that will satisfy even the toughest hip instagramer(brands such as Moschino, DKNY,Comme Des Garçons ring any bells?) what caught my attention was the great selection of goods that they offer. Their curational buying ensures that their selection provides with enough versatility with great aesthetic appeal. The design of the online store mirrors the cool relaxed feel that one is trying to achieve when deciding to follow the scandinavian design in their own home. Good Hood Store covers brands such as Ferm Living, Hay, Muuto, Menu, Serax, Normann Copenhagen, Nud, Broste and many more. 

If you live in UK and you love minimal design, it is well worth bookmarking. If you live in London, even better, drop in! It is one of the few stores that provide with such a great selection of what is current in Scandinavian design scene. If you don’t live in UK the shop offers worldwide shipping as well so feel free to peruse through their great selection!

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

One comment on “Good Hood Store : Love for Scandinavian Design in London”

  • Nathan Davidson says:

    These little items are honestly too well put together for my liking. There is something to be said for coordination but this is a bit too much! I mean, most people are going to have odds and ends in storage that won't match as well as this set up here!

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