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June 19, 2015

Up early today as I cannot contain myself with excitement. For the last year (and longer than that) my Windows pc has been proving more and more difficult to work on. Nothing that a trip to the repair shop couldn’t handle but the trips became more and more necessary as time went by. It wasn’t until this blog and everything related to it became a more important part of my life when I realized it was quite difficult keeping up with everything needed to be done with my old set up. I already knew that my replacement would have to be a laptop. I need it to be mobile and powerful enough but also small and easy to carry. However I have long wanted my next laptop to be a macbook so I started making steps towards the change. When time came to change my keyboard a few months ago I got myself an apple wireless. It looks and feels great and best of all, it really needed nothing more other than to turn it on and connect to my windows laptop. All the keys worked perfectly like a charm without me needing to remap anything. So far so good. While I wasn’t thinking about getting a macbook when I purchased my white Benq monitor, it is one of the few that comes ready to be connected to any apple device.While I was turning and tossing thinking if I should take the plunge and buy a new pc my boyfriend surprised me with a brand new Macbook Retina 13″ 2015 model. I think I have driven myself crazy with anticipation and I couldn’t be happier the delivery date is finally today! Hopefully everything will go as planned and there wont be any delays and I will have the whole weekend to learn how to use it. I have been a windows user all my life so this is going to be interesting. Stay tuned for my first impressions :)

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