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June 9, 2015

Hello everyone and thank you for cheering me on while on vacation! I read all your amazing comments on instagram and snapchat and while it was not easy to respond from Greece, now that I am back things can finally get back to normal. We had quite a few unexpected surprises thrown our way the day we were traveling so instead of taking us a few hours to come back to Norway it took us two days. We ended up spending the night at an amazing hotel with great breakfast brunch so in my humble opinion it wasn’t half as bad. After many hours in transit and flight delays I needed a good shower so stepping out of the airport and being able to do just that immediately felt like heaven to me.
Another thing I am happy about getting back is getting some healthy food choices for breakfast.Not that you can’t have that when on vacation but I do tend to binge a lot on croissants and everything cream and chocolate while away. Today’s breakfast as can be seen above instead, included smoked salmon on cream cheese with some spring onions and radishes. As always I woke up just in time for my Norwegian class, hurried over then returned to make myself my actual breakfast just in time for lunch! This didn’t stop me from returning to bed to enjoy it while I was catching up with my emails and blogging. Hope you had a great start of the week, I will see you later with some exciting news!

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