New Macbook and new Leather Case from Tox Leather

June 30, 2015

// Sponsored content in collaboration with Tox Leathers I was provided with a leather case for a review. All opinions are my own.

Just a few days I got my fist Macbook as a gift from my boyfriend and I couldn’t be happier. It really is very intuitive and overall a pleasure to use. As always when I have something that is so new, right out of the box, I love giving it as much care as possible. Even the slightest of smudges has to be cleaned away and everything must look exactly as the moment it came out of its box. Of course this will eventually pass as time goes by but taking steps to ensure your Mac stays new for as much time as possible is of course something every new Mac owner is striving for. Having a case to transfer and keep it  safe can prove very important. My criteria for such a case was that it should be easy to carry, easy to use (just slip in the Mac and go was top priority) all the while being from a soft material and last but not least look great. I was very happy to discover that Tox Leather  had a great selection of handmade leather sleeves for any Apple product and an array of choices when it comes to design. My grey sleeve  fits my 13″ Mac perfectly and its smooth natural lining helps making sure there are no scratches while I slide it in. Easy to carry and easy to use, while looking great! What else can a girl ask 🙂  You can also find Tox Leather on Etsy at Tox Leather, and they deliver worldwide. Doesn’t my Mac look all snugly in my new Tox?

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