Weekend retreat at the cabin

May 6, 2015


With days getting bigger and summer right around the corner, it is becoming increasingly hard to stay at home. We spent the weekend at the summer house and I can’t wait to go back again as soon as possible. The only downside is that internet is quite scarce where the house is build(although only roughly 5 minutes by car away from the nearest town) but sometimes that isn’t necessarily bad. It means taking a little pause from everything related with the web and I have to say there are a lot of times when this makes for a very welcomed break.Just a few days ago I posted some photos from the cabin last summer (you can read about it here) and of course everyone on my snapchat got a glimpse of the house and the stunning views this weekend. This time we slept up on the loft in the newly renovated guest bedroom. The crisp white slanted roof combined with the beautiful natural floor made the room feel incredibly welcoming. All the details are matching beautifully together. Antique chairs, a beautiful fern patterned soft pillow propped on the chair or at the window provides support for your back while you sit and gaze at the view in the morning. The room is styled in a very Scandinavian and minimalistic way. A small box in the corner acts as a library/shelf where you can leave your magazines or an extra blanket. A mirror is propped against a wall beside a lounge chair, I found that corner was perfect for getting ready in the mornings. Scandinavian aesthetics call for simple yet elegant solutions when it comes to living and styling. I found all of those qualities in abundance in the newly renovated quest room in the cabin of my significant others very talented parents,who  happily welcomed us for the long weekend. I will be taking more photos next time so keep an eye for my next weekend post. And of course, if you prefer real time updates you are more than welcome to find me on snapchat ;)

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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