Rainy Day

May 22, 2015


Today I woke up to a perfect rainy day.It is so strange to me that this close to summer the days can still feel so wintery but for now I love it. I do wonder when this feeling is going to go away but I have to be honest I have always hated really hot summers! I do like some warm and heat of course,the sun is always so welcomed here in Norway, in Greece I have always tried to avoid it during summer! Of course I am lucky I get to have the best in both worlds, as I am going back to Greece in a few days for a few weeks of vacation! Hopefully it will not be too hot although end of May beginning of June in Greece is always a lovely time. You can catch me always on Snapchat since I will not be posting as often on the blog or on my instagram for the next few days!For now I will enjoy a hot cup of coffee in my new Kähler Hammershøi thermocups I bought yesterday. How can anyone be so happy just by getting new mugs?? (I cant hide my plans getting the full set by the summer :))  Hope you have a great weekend everyone!

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