Breakfast at my Office

May 8, 2015

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Quite a few times I end up eating breakfast at my office desk, especially when I am alone at that time in the house. We often want to think there is some sort of an elaborate breakfast involved when it comes to bloggers however the truth is what you see in this post today. A tray with an egg and a bowl filled with yogurt (or any other dairy product with fresh fruits) or apple oatmeal are my usual to go breakfasts with a side of milk with coffee ( yes I wrote and you read this correctly). Of course things can get even worse when I decide to just come upstairs, take said tray and go back to bed with it. I love cooking a really nice breakfast for when I don’t wake up alone (or in a hurry) but that is rather not the rule. Wherever I might eat though I always try and style my breakfast, whether that is with matching plates or not, that is really up to how my mood is and what is clean in my cupboards. Design Letters lately do the trick just fine for me, especially since I got a matching black pink tray, a milk jug and bowls to complement my collection. I feel much more energetic when my office space is somewhat clean and tidy which is why having a tray to gather my breakfast is rather essential to me.Try it for yourselves and you will see how your mood instantly lifts up as well ;) 

(These photos are a couple a days old, I ended up purchasing an Apple wireless keyboard and I can’t believe how my office looks so much tidier and clean! Not to mention, the Apple keyboard is so much more comfortable to type. Next time I post about my office space you will get to see for yourselves or you can see it already if you follow me on instagram :)

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