Our Lounge Chairs by Conform

April 18, 2015

// Sponsored content in collaboration with Conform. I was provided with the Conform footstools as shown below for a review. All opinions are my own.

A lot of people are asking me where I got my two lounge chairs so a post about them was long due. We found our lounge chairs at Conform. Conform is a Swedish company with a wide range of beautiful chairs with Scandinavian design on focus. Their timeless pieces are all designed by architects and designers with each individual model always consisting of equal levels of comfort and design. Indeed I can attest that the lounge chairs we purchased almost two years ago show no sign of wear or tear and they are so comfortable we often find ourselves sleeping on them. We use them for quite a few hours every single day as we sit on them while we work at our home office while they also double as extra seats in the living room. 

Our lounge chairs come from the Time-Out series. They are fully customizable from the fabric to the wooden base and the type of legs. You can even choose different types of legs or different heights. You may add a footstool to match your chair as well.Every chair is created uniquely for each customer however you can replicate ours perfectly if you so wish!  The cover is from the fabric line “Runner” and the color is “Light Beige”. The wooden base is walnut lacquered,the legs are swivel aluminium with return memory normal height. When we were customizing ours there was no option for a complete white model something that was added later on, doesn’t that look great as well? Maybe you prefer a lounge chair that its cover is made of scandinavian sheepskin? There are so many choices and so many models to choose from. Don’t just take my word for their quality and their confort, find a reseller close to you and try them out yourselves! You can find many retailers in different countries but if you wish you can also contact Conform directly by phone or mail found on their contact page and ask them for a certified store close to you. 

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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