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April 2, 2015

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Lately I have acquired a taste for wine although for years I didn’t show so much of an interest to it. 

However I would always love the occasional sangria so having a few bottles at home had always been the norm. With my new found interest though came a need for a way to store the extra bottles and I couldn’t be happier to discover STACT. Read more below!

STACT is a Vancouver based company that offers uniquely stylish wine racks, and wine storage solutions for people who share a passion for wine and good design.

Their vision is to make good design accessible to wine lovers while turning your wine wall into art.

The units are beautifully crafted with high quality materials. The design is minimal they are uniquely versatile and space efficient.


With many color combinations to choose from, the STACT system is undeniably stylish and will fit any space. Each of the units holds 9 bottles and it is easy to add more as your collection or your needs for wine grow. 

The STACT system can be installed easily in any house and wine cellars as the materials used to craft it are well suited to the conditions within climate controlled cellars for long term wine storage.

I have fallen in love with the design and the materials, they fit my home perfectly and at this point is really hard to choose which color one I would like the most for my own space. 

Which one is your favorite?

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