Inspiration : Bedroom

April 21, 2015

I am in the process of painting our bedroom, I think I am going for natural muted colors as seen in my inspiration photos below although I might be adding a pop of color depending on the season. While a lot of people might prefer more color in their bedroom, I think muted and neutral colors help you relax more and when there is little natural light even the tiniest sliver of it can make a huge difference. About a year ago I was lucky to receive a pair of antlers as well that I have stored and I can’t wait to put those up behind our bed as seen in the last photo. Ours however are almost double the size which will make them, I believe, quite the centerpiece. I want our bedroom to have a simple decoration with only some statement pieces and I think the photos below represent my idea of the final result perfectly.

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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