Busy Day while Working from Home

April 8, 2015

I spend the day today at my home office and living room with several cups of tea answering to mails, working on the blog, studying Norwegian and working out. Without having done a lot it has been quite the busy day but the blog is growing so I am more than happy to put more hours into it. The weather today was amazing as well, so sunny and wind free. Days like these make me wish I had a nice yard so I could work out outside with music rather than inside. Our yard is pretty small and on top off that very public as well, so for now it is not a possibility. I love taking hikes outside however and running across the river or into the woody areas. As summer draws closer I am planning on going for longer hikes with my boyfriend so I am considering buying a backpack to cover our needs. I don’t want something overly big but not something too small either. I want to have with me a bottle or two of water ( one is often enough as in Norway you can find fresh water everywhere) some fruits and cookies, our phones and keys and wallet and a Bluetooth speaker. I would like if there was some extra space left in there as well for maybe a little umbrella and a hoodie just in case it starts to rain or gets colder. I am thinking of a Bergans but I think I would like something less than 40lt as I think it’s a tad too big. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments below or as always you can email me or find me on Instagram 🙂

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