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April 28, 2015

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There is nothing better than starting off your day with a good breakfast and a cup of your favorite drink. Lately my morning routine involves starting out with a hot chocolate or coffee from my Tassimo (I love Norwegian Freia hot chocolate with a pinch of salt and extra frothed milk from my Nespresso) while I squeeze fresh orange juice. As soon as I climb upstairs I will start with the Tassimo and white the coffee brews I will make my juice. I drink the juice at the spot and proceed to sit at my desk and work on my blog, instagram and emails for the day while drinking my coffee/chocolate. An hour later I will prepare a pot of tea ( usually in my Design Letters tea set, perfect size for either one or two people that like to drink around 2 cups each) to last me for two hours or so while I still keep busy with my blog, take photos and edit them. I prefer shooting between 10 to 17 during summer or 12 to 14 during winter due to natural light being at its best.  Around 12 I will work out for an hour then go to my Norwegian class or the other way around. Coming home later involves shopping then cooking and some cleaning ( depending on the day) then on the afternoon either more editing or keeping up with my Instagram and social media, watching series or a movie, going out for a hike or getting something to drink or eat outside. It is also the best time to study or play games although I haven’t had time for the latter for quite a few days now mostly due to studying and cleaning and painting downstairs. 

Quite boring but very calm and peaceful my days as of late, but it is always fun to change things around with a trip or some days off which I will be doing in a few days during the weekend. Stay tuned 🙂

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