March 18, 2015

This is how we Shelfie in our house.

I love our new kitchen shelves from IKEA. Minimalistic, stylish and as an added bonus they are affordable and really easy to install. They fit our kitchen perfectly and they are ideal for holding all the things that had to be in the cupboards when I wanted them in plain sight and at hand. 

I get so many questions about why I didn’t go for the Vipp ones instead. They indeed look very similar but there were two reasons I chose not to buy from Vipp. While they are much more expensive ( the Ikea ones cost a mere 28euro each and the Vipp cost 260euro each) and that was the first reason, the second reason was the decisive one. I simply liked the Ikea ones more for my space. The Vipp look great however they are much more industrial looking than the Ikea ones that look almost delicate compared to them. Also the Vipp white version comes with a black rubber overlay on the bottom that I preferred not having. Its purpose is to hold anything you put on top of it more firmly at place but I didn’t like how that would look in my kitchen. If my kitchen was decorated differently I might have chosen the Vipp ones so if I have any advice is, always chose by what fits for you best rather than what you have seen in other spaces. 

How do you like my Ikea shelves? I love them them so much indeed that I am considering buying more for more rooms in the house!

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