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March 5, 2015

// Sponsored content in collaboration with Sudio Sweden. I was provided with a pair of earphones as shown below for a review. All opinions are my own.

Lately I have been looking for the perfect on ear or over the ear headphones. Perfect for me would be something that is stylish and looks amazing while it also feels great on my ears, it is easy to carry and lightweight with top notch sound. Not too much to ask right? The iPhone in ear earphones really hurt after wearing them for more than an hour or two so I thought getting over the ear headphones would be the best solution for me. It is therefore funny how chance had it that I was offered a pair of Klang earphones from Sudio as a gift for me to try out. Although I had given up on in ear ones I decided to try them since I loved their design. White and gold with the ability to control your iPhone?I thought, at least they look great and at end how worse can they be from the native iPhone ones I am already using?

I was lucky they arrived by mail just an hour before my trip to Bergen this weekend so naturally I took them with me to try them out. I was instantly impressed by the little white carrying leather pouch they came with and the golden toned accessories. When things are new I love protecting them as much as possible and when it comes to wires I do prefer having them tucked in before I put them in my bag. While all this was expected ( I had seen plenty of photos on their Instagram page) what came as a surprise to me was how beautiful they sound and what sealed the deal for me how comfortable they felt in my ears. Bonus points for them being almost completely soundproofing as well, a fact I had to check with my boyfriend excitedly after a few minutes I was wearing them. While in a room with the TV playing comedy show full with people laughing I could only hear my music. It felt surreal especially since I was wearing simple in ear earphones. 

I couldn’t love the Klang earphones more so I am even happier Sudio created a code for all my readers to use and get 15% off their price. Just use onlydecolove15 and apply on exit. They also offer free worldwide shipping!

Disclaimer : I received these earphones from SudioThere are no affiliated links in this blogpost and I do not receive any payment whatsoever from any of your purchases either by using the code or by clicking on the links in this post. 

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.  

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