Hot chocolate and wooden scoops

March 15, 2015


Hot chocolate with whipped cream is perfect for Sunday mornings. 

I woke up quite early today to work out and study and by now I have already finished almost everything I had on my list for this morning. Feels great to have the whole day in front of you and it is turning out to be an amazing sunny one as well! 

Before I go,I wanted to share a little tip for coffee tea and chocolate lovers. The little wooden scoops (as seen above) cost next to nothing at Søstrene Grene and they come in various sizes.They are perfect for scooping out sugar, tea, coffee or even sea salt. I only got one to try it out and I will definitely be getting more next time I am at the store! I love wooden details in the kitchen as well, so filling out glass containers with these scoops will look great.

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.  

2 comments on “Hot chocolate and wooden scoops”

  • _our food stories_ says:

    that hot chocolate looks amazing!! and please send some sun over to berlin, it´s so grey here :)xlaura & nora

    • Katerina says:

      Coming from you ladies its a real compliment! I would love to send you some but I d want some of your beautiful desserts as well if I could have them ♥♥

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