My Home office got a Playful look

February 5, 2015

Sometimes you fall in love at first sight.

Rare but it happens. For me my instant interior love moment of the month was when I found about Tellkiddo shop on etsy. Owned by Maria Sabbah based in Stockholm Sweden, this little shop sells the most beautiful illustrated paper storage bags I have ever seen. While it is oriented towards children, I have no problems using these bags in plain sight at my home office that is situated in my living room. They look playful and give a happy tone to my space that I love. Not to mention they are big enough to hold all the clutter and mess that is usually surrounding my office. Double win. I bought two bags, the sleepy and awake bear although only the sleepy bear is shown in this post. You can catch a glimpse of the awake one on top of my desk still folded. As an added bonus the shop also sells their illustrations as posters or postcards. I immediately hung them above my desk next to my Polaroid wall. 

When you know it’s right :

When I ordered the bags little did I know they would come in this lovely packaging. I have said so many times over how much I appreciate when companies put effort in their packaging. It shows how much they care for their product and therefore for their customers. This was an added welcomed surprise when I received my Tellkiddo box. I loved how it was wrapped, so stylish and tasteful.

Paper bags are great when you need an affordable storage solution for any space. While they will last for a long time during to their durable material, there is always the option of buying a linen bag instead! Tellkiddo just launched their bear fabric bags  and I think they will look great in my laundry room, don’t you agree?

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

6 comments on “My Home office got a Playful look”

  • Julia Konya says:

    I always have office envy when I see your space. So so inspiring and pretty! Hope all is well with you.

    • Katerina says:

      You are too kind dear Julia 🙂 All is well although I have been under the weather a little bit! I am always much more of a silent reader than a vocal one but I always love seeing your updates ♥ Hope you have a great weekend!HugsKaterina

  • Julia Cassidy says:

    Oh I love a little humor in the design, it gives a space a kind of personality. The idea with children's bags is awesome! Going to check out their shop:)

    • Katerina says:

      It is amazing, you will fall in love 🙂 The bags are so durable as well (personal experience 🙂 so you can use them as storage so easily among others!

  • Sakura Yoshino says:

    I love your desk, where'd you get it?Lovely room btw Sakura xx

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