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February 10, 2015

I love how the living room looks today. While there are no big changes, subtle details make a lot of difference. For the winter I have chosen to drape the couch with plaids that give a little bit of depth and also can be be used to snuggle and get cozy. Sheepskins are really important as well when it comes to my winter styling. I like using them as rugs or placemats on the floor or else as footmats at the end of the couch. I love stretching my feet and a sheepskin under them feels great plus it protects the couch from dirt while looking great. I get my sheepskins in various places, mostly from stores locally but I do have two old ones from IKEA as well. IKEA has a decent quality of sheepskins (not the fake ones) that hold well and feel lovely to the touch. Personally I  prefer Icelandic sheepskins, they are very soft with longer than usual hair. They are also bulkier and larger sized while the skin under the hair is treated in a way that is extremely soft and will assume any shape. You will find sheepskins in almost every Scandinavian home but I do believe they make an excellent addition to any home anywhere in the world for winter. So what are you waiting for? February is perfect sales month to get new blankets and sheepskins for your home and there is plenty of winter still left to thoroughly enjoy them!

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