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January 13, 2015

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Can you spot one of my favorite new pieces for my home office as of now?

Hint : It is portable and purple. And honestly I take it with me everywhere.

The UE BOOM from Ultimate Ears  is a Bluetooth portable speaker that perfectly fits my hands and my lifestyle. The sound is great and even though when it comes to speakers it is usually where their strength lies, UE BOOM surprised me with its ease of use, great design and versatility. It was almost impossible to choose between the many color combinations that it comes, but Orchid won me over.

I switch it on first thing in the morning for my morning music (conveniently it will also double as an alarm clock when you use the app on your smartphone) and immediately head over to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. Morning shower after? The Boom is fully waterproofed. Skiing or any outdoors activity with friends is now guaranteed to be filled with music with its 15 hour lasting battery. And speaking of batteries, you can just pop the Boom open and replace its Li-ion batteries at any time if you feel they are dropping low.

I have wanted this little amazing speaker for a long time now and I cant get enough of it. As I am typing this Ultimate Ears is launching MegaBoom, a larger version of my beloved Boom. How soon do you think it will take before I double up my Boom with its bigger brother in Plum?

For now the Boom is sitting comfortably at the very same place as you see in the photos.
Until I need to move away from it in which case I will carry it with me even though its sound travels around our whole two storey house.

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Photographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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